Burn Permits

State law requires a burn permit be issued for all open fires.  You must be the owner or have the owner's written permission to burn. Starting April 1, 2014, you may apply for an open burning permit online using the link provided by the Maine Forest Service. It is the responsibility of the person seeking the permit to follow all applicable rules and guidelines set forth on the forestry website at:


On this forest service website, you will be provided all the needed information to burn safely. You may either call the fire department at 827-3400 or contact the forest service if you have remaining questions prior to burning. Remember it is the permittee's responsibility to adhere to all rules and regulations pertaining to open burning. Permits may also be issued at the fire station located at 150 Brunswick Street.   Permits obtained online or at the fire station are $7.00.

Do I need a permit for a cooking or warming fire in my back yard?  No permits are required for a small cooking or warming fire. These outdoor fireplaces still require safety measures in place such as always attended, extinguishment capabilities, and adult supervision.  If the fire should cause a nuisance in your neighborhood, the department will ask you to extinguish the fire.

The City of Old Town has an ordinance that states no open fires are allowed in mobile home parks.

Old Town is located in weather zone 4 on the state fire danger map.

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