House Numbering Project


One of our greatest challenges during an emergency is trying to locate the incident.  In an effort to improve our ability to locate an address Old Town Fire Rescue has developed a House Numbering Project.  Our goal is to have every residence well marked to assist fire, ambulance, and police locate your home in an emergency.  Time lost due to inadequately marked homes can make the difference between life and death.

Old Town Fire Rescue will be taking orders for reflective house number signs.  The sign plates will be 6” by 12” aluminum in green reflective background with 4” white reflective numbers.  We ask for a donation of $10 to help keep the program going.

Old Town Fire Rescue recommends:

  • Homeowner supplied 4” x 4” post or 6 ft steel stake installed beside the driveway approximately 5 ft back from the road.
  • Reflective sign attached either vertically or horizontally 4 ft above ground.
  • Be sure your sign will be visible as emergency responders approach your driveway.
Call Old Town Fire Rescue at 827-3400 with any questions.

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