Firearms Discharge Ordinance

Old Town Firearms Discharge Ordinance -

Sec. 12-32.  Discharging firearms; applicability of section.

(a)        No person shall discharge a firearm or any instrument capable of discharging a pellet by air propulsion within two hundred (200) feet of any building upon or across any street, public grounds or municipal dump, upon or across the islands bounded by the Penobscot and Stillwater Rivers, known as Marsh Island and Treat and Webster Island, upon or across that part of Old Town known as Stillwater bounded by the Stillwater River on the east, Pushaw Stream on the north, Interstate Highway 95 on the west to the southerly boundary of the city on the south.

(b)        Possession of a firearm in the fields and forests or on the waters or ice in the aforementioned area of the city without a written permit issued by the chief of police shall be prima facie evidence of violation of this section unless the firearm is carried securely wrapped in a complete cover, fastened in a case, or carried in at least two (2) separate pieces in such a manner that it cannot be fired unless the separate pieces are joined together again.

(c)        It shall be unlawful for any person to carry or have in his possession upon the streets of the city or in a public building or property of another a loaded firearm.

(d)       The provisions of this section shall not prohibit the use of firearms at established shooting ranges, nor shall it apply to any law enforcement officer in the performance of his legal duty, nor to any person in the lawful defense of person or property.

(Rev. Ords. 1953, Ch. 21, §§ 101.1, 101.2; Ord. of 8-16-65; Ord. of 1-2-73; Ord. of 12-13-82; Ord. of 6-20-83)

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