RFP - OTO Fiber Corporation Broadband Assessment and Feasibility Study

Purpose of RFP:

OTO Fiber is requesting proposals (RFP’s) from qualified professional consulting firms to
conduct a comprehensive broadband assessment and feasibility study. The Study will include (1)
mapping broadband services and uptake in the service area to identify and evaluate service
and/or adoption gaps; (2) develop sustainable strategies to promote comprehensive broadband
access and utility; i.e. education, infrastructure, interfaces, etc.; and (3) as applicable, a business
case and deployment plan for OTO Fiber to provide broadband services to the community
including identification of potential areas for partnership between OTO Fiber and incumbent

The Study should provide a reasonable assessment of the opportunities for OTO Fiber, the most
viable and sustainable business, financial and operational models including onetime
and recurring thirdparty funding sources, and a deployment plan that will enable OTO Fiber to take
advantage of these opportunities in conjunction with broadband friendly public policy development.

The successful bidder will demonstrate its ability to conduct thorough research such as public
surveys, market analysis, business plan development, regulatory understanding, network design,
and operational best practice scenarios.

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