2016 Caucus Information

The Republican Party’s Caucus is this Saturday, March 5th.  Their Caucus is being held at 22 unique, special sites in the state.  They are not holding meetings in each town or city.  To participate, voters must bring a photo ID and go to their town or city specific location in your County.  Some Counties have only one location and others have up to three.  To find out where your Town or City is having their Republican Caucus go here: www.MaineGOP.com/caucus

Old Town Republicans (as part of Penobscot County) will be at Husson College Saturday, March 5th   .  I will be attending this from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. to register and enroll voters to the Republican party.

The Democratic Party’s Caucus is Sunday, March 6th.  Their Caucus is taking place at locations within most local towns and cities.  To find the location and start time of your local town or city caucus, go here:  http://www.mainedems.org/find-your-caucus  For more information on the Democratic Party caucus you can go here:  

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