Your input on high speed broadband needed now!

The City of Old Town is working in cooperation with the Town of Orono and the University of Maine System to bring 1000 MB/second ultra-high speed broadband internet to our area. These speeds could be up to 200 times faster than the speeds residents and businesses currently have access to. This project, through the work of the Old Town-Orono Fiber Corporation, would build the “last mile” of fiber optic infrastructure necessary to connect homes and businesses in the Old Town-Orono area to fiber optic internet infrastructure that is already in place in the State of Maine. The purpose of having this infrastructure in our community is to bolster existing businesses that can take advantage of this connectivity and to attract and foster entrepreneurs, students, and recent graduates to create new businesses and enterprises that rely on high bandwidth connectivity.  To help us advance this project, please complete one or both of the following surveys.

For businesses:

For residents:

The goal of these surveys is to determine both the interest in this project and where the internet infrastructure would need to be established.

If you or your business are interested in participating in a focus group to discuss your current internet service and challenges, please contact Ron Harriman at 947-8595 or

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