Major Opponent - August 25, 2017

Hi David,
     As far as Relevance, all of my objections will be based primarily on part of the very first sentence in the Ch. 24 rules: " that they may operate in a manner that does not constitute a hazard to the environment, health or welfare of the citizens of Old Town or create a nuisance." I will send you some of my documents from the BEP Hearing to share with the Planning Board, who are free to interpret their relevancy and importance.
    Something else you should be thinking about is the venue for the Public Hearing. At the BEP Hearing there were seats for over a hundred, and Casella employees and dependents were about 80. A lot of the opponents were intimidated by them, and by the way, none of their comments were directly referenced in Chapter 24, or the BEP criteria either. I think a larger room than the Council chambers would be advisable, as well as some police presence inside and outside of the building.
     Lastly, the State of Maine had a serious conflict of interest in approving the permits for an expanded JRL: they have no other plan. It is true that Old Town may not regulate more strictly than State rules allow, but it is also true that our Planning Board has the right to interpret how to apply State law to protect the citizens of Old Town and this area, as Chapter 24 mandates.
Ed Spencer

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