October 10, 2017 Meeting Agenda

Old Town Planning Board
October 10, 2017
(City Council Chambers)

Item 1.    Call to Order

Item 2.    Approve minutes of the September 12, 2017, meeting.
Due to a computer or recording glitch, the minutes could not be downloaded to the website and therefore no transcription was completed. The meeting can however, be seen on the access channel twice a day and has been available since September 13, 2017. I have made C.D.s available to anyone who wanted a copy. Only Mr. Spencer has picked one up.
Item 3.    A Public Meeting for NEWSME/BGS, Juniper Ridge Landfill Expansion, located at 2828 Bennoch Road, Old Town, Maine. Tax Map 3, Lot 1. Case #1529-D.

The purpose of this Public Meeting is to deliberate and prepare “Findings of Fact” regarding the NEWSME/BGS Application for Expansion of the Juniper Ridge Landfill under the City of Old Town’s Chapter 24 (“Solid Waste Facilities”) ordinance criteria.

Item 4.    Old/New Business

(1.) Discuss Anthony Ferro. 983 Stillwater Avenue. A request to expand scope of business.

(2.) Discuss Humble Beginnings / Old Town Canoe’s modification to Site Plan.
Item 5.    Adjourn

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