BASWG Agenda

Bangor Area Stormwater Group Meeting
October 11, 2018
Location: Old Town City Hall, Old Town, Maine
9:00 am – 11:00 am
9:00 am           Welcome and Roundrobin Introductions (5 min)
9:05 am           Update from Maine DEP (15 min)
9:20 am           Training on Salt Management/Melt Chemicals (40 min)
                        Frank Belevieau of Innovative  Surface Solutions
Presentation by followed by Q&A
10:10 am         Update on E&O Activities (30 min)
·         Report on Children’s Water Festival
·         Initial discussion about PY1 plans/collaboration opportunities
·         Inner bus signage update
·         Discussion about better utilization of two videos
·         Discussion on development of SW101 video for municipal leadership
·         Children’s Museum Update
·         Decisions about social media posting
10:40 am         Organizational Business (30 min)
·         Approval of Minutes
·         Treasurer’s Update
·         Review of BASWG Contact List (send edits/additions to
11:00 am              BASWG Meeting Adjourns
Executive Committee members should be prepared to stay for up to 30 minutes after the meeting to address any items, if needed.
Brenda Zollitsch
BASWG Faciliator  (please send emails to temporarily)
(207) 240-0398

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