Meet Your City Councilors

City Council President –Stan Peterson
Term Expires: 12/1/20
Phone: 659-0246

City Council Vice President-
Carol May
Term Expires: 12/1/22
Phone: 207-478-9012 (cell)

City Councilor –Shirley Brissette
Term Expires: 12/1/20
Phone: 827-7022 (home)

City Councilor - Timothy Folster
Term Expires: 12/1/22
Phone: 827-8763 (H)

City Councilor – Donna Ketchen
Term Expires: 12/1/20
Phone: 659-4405

City Councilor – Kyle Smart
Term Expires: 12/1/2021
Phone: 817-0184 (H)

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