Pay As You Throw Suspended Through April 2020

The Old Town City Council has suspended the Pay As You Throw Trash Bag Program in Old Town through Friday May 1, 2020, in an effort to provide relief to our community members.
Here are a few key points to provide clarity, as we work through this temporary suspension of the program:

1. Residents are not required to use the green “Old Town bag,” until after May 1, 2020.

2. Trash collection and recycle days will follow the same schedule.

3. Acceptable items for curbside household waste and recycling remain the same.

4. Size and weight of acceptable bags for household waste should be similar to and not larger than the large green “Old Town” bags. The current contract limits maximum bag size to 30 gallons and maximum bag weight to 35 lbs.

5. Large contractor type bags will not be collected curbside.

If you have questions about the City of Old Town’s curbside household waste program, please call Old Town Public Works at (207)827-3974

If you have questions about why your trash or recycle was not picked up please call our contractor, Casella Waste Systems dispatch at (207)862-7111

As always, if you have questions, please email us at, and we will get the information you need to you.

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