City Council

The City of Old Town is governed by the City Council, comprised of seven elected councilors, including one Council President.  

Council Agendas, Minutes & Meetings 

To view council agendas, minutes and televised meetings, click here.

Council Standing Committees                      

(Meet 3rd Monday of each month at 6pm)
  • Administrative Services Committee
  • Finance Services Committee
  • Public Services Committee
  • Economic Development Committee

Council Members

City Council President – David Mahan 
Term Expires: 12/1/21
Address:          48 Wilson Street
Old Town, ME  04468
Phone:             735-5925

City Councilor – Stan Peterson
Term Expires: 12/1/20
Address:          45 Pride Street
                        Old Town, Maine 04468
Phone:             659-0246

City Councilor – Carol May
Term Expires: 12/1/22
Address:          7 Oak Street
                        Old Town, Maine 04468
Phone:             478-9012 (cell)

City Councilor –Shirley Brissette 
Term Expires: 12/1/20
Address:          44 Jefferson St.
                        Old Town, Maine 04468
Phone:             827-7022 (home)

City Councilor – Kyle Smart
Term Expires: 12/1/2021
Address:         32 Littlefield Lane    
                       Old Town, Maine 04468
Phone:            827-0184 (H)

City Councilor – Donna Ketchen
work email:
Term Expires: 12/1/20
Address:          1820 Bennoch Road
                        Old Town, Maine 04468
Phone:             659-4405

City Councilor - Timothy Folster
Term Expires: 12/1/22
Address:          77 Sewall Drive
                        Old Town, Maine  04468
Phone:             827-8763 (H)

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