City Manager


Bill Mayo, City Manager

265 Main Street
Old Town, ME  04468

207-827-3965, ext. 200

The City Manager is responsible to a 7 member City Council and is a contractual employee of the City of Old Town. The Manager is overall administrator of Old Town’s municipal government; serves on the Old Town Development LLC, Sewer Advisory Board, Airport Advisory Board, and Old Town Recreation Center Board; acts as Human Resources Director; prepares and administers the city budget; and ensures that all policies adopted by the City Council are enforced.

The City Manager's goal and responsibility is to maintain quality services while considering cost and efficiencies to accomplish this task. City employees are expected to be dedicated to the City, the citizens, and to maintain a professional attitude at all times.

Old Town is a vibrant community that prides itself on several family businesses that have grown over the past 50 years to become part of the top five largest employers in the City. The City tries to maintain the ties to the history of the Penobscot River, from log drives to factories on the shore, while moving forward with economic and community development initiatives that will solidify Old Town as a great place to live and work.   

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