Code Enforcement

David Russell, Code Enforcement Officer
265 Main Street
Old Town, ME  04468

207-827-3965, ext. 205


The Code Enforcement department is responsible for encouraging safe, sound and orderly residential and industrial growth for the community which is consistent with the ordinances of the City.  The department assists in the development, maintenance and enactment of the Cities Plan of development.  The Code Enforcement Officer provides inspections and issues Building Permits, Plumbing Permits, Electrical Permits, Sign Permits, Timber Harvesting Permits, Flood Hazard Development Permits, etc.  It is the goal of the department to guide people through the maze of federal, state and local rules and regulation to a satisfactory end and in a timely manner.


2016 Comprehensive Plan Update

Adopted Codes


Planning Board


New Zoning Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Map
Site Plan Review Ordinance
Special Exemption Ordinance
Subdivision Ordinance
Streets & Sidewalks Ordinance
Shoreland Regulations Ordinance
Solid Waste Ordinance
Outdoor Wood Boilers Ordinance
Sign Regulations Ordinance
International Building Code Ordinance
Fire Prevention Code Ordinance


Building Permits
Plumbing Permits
Electrical Permits
Sign Permits
Use Permits
Timber Harvesting Permits
Flood Hazard Development Permits

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