General Assistance

Rachel Downs, Caseworker

265 Main Street
Old Town, ME  04468

207-827-3965, ext. 107


The General Assistance (GA) program in Old Town is administered in order to help people who do not have enough money for their basic needs. In order to receive GA, people must meet the eligibility conditions of the program.

General Assistance (GA) is intended to help people in need; who have nowhere else to turn. The City of Old Town has the responsibility to provide assistance to eligible people who are in need. You have the responsibility to:
  • provide complete and accurate information
  • provide written documentation of your expenses (bills, receipts, etc.)
  • notify the caseworker if there are any changes in your circumstances (income, etc.)
  • use your income for basic necessities (food, rent, fuel, utilities, medicine, clothing).
  • make every effort to use potential resources, including other government benefit programs, private pensions, support payments, etc.
  • attempt to find and accept work
  • not quit work or get fired for misconduct
  • participate in an education or training program to help you become employed
  • sell your non-essential assets at fair market price (vehicles, boats, real estate, etc.)
  • find affordable housing within your ability to pay
  • request assistance with bills that are current (due that month)
  • check fuel supply (oil, wood, gas) on a regular basis and request GA before running out
  • notify caseworker when you receive a "shut off" notice, before being disconnected
  • tell the truth - if you don’t you’ll be disqualified for 120 days and may be prosecuted for committing a crime


General Assistance Details

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